Thursday Aug 11, 2022

Developing a module for tracking floating and semi-drowned objects

Maritime search and rescue operations aim at estimating positions of lost people and objects by considering uncertainties which are determined by quantifying some undefined parameters (including the last coordinate of the object, wind and surface currents conditions, etc.). The main characteristics of the SAR models are carried out in the following.

  • Uncertainties about the object last position as well as its shape should below so that the user can efficiently apply the model in incidents.

  • Online environmental conditions (wind and current fields) should


  • be available.

  • The computational time of the model should be low enough so that it can be run in short time in case of emergencies.

  • In the developed model, considered regions for tracking prevalent objects (human body, boats, vessels, etc.) are computed with respect to uncertainties, determined by Monte Carlo methods.

In this module, the forces considered for determiningprobable regions are wind and current fields. Further, the effects of waves on objects movement are indirectly taken into account.