Saturday Jun 10, 2023


PMODynamics, Persian Model for Ocean Dynamics, is an Iranian numerical model developed for coastal engineering studies by internal experts. The growth in the needs of related coastal engineering software and dealing with difficulties such as problems in lack of technical knowledge transfer, and considering the requirement of a valid native numerical model, the Ports & Maritime Organization(PMO) has decided to invest in the development of this model. 
The Model is applicable in different fields of coastal engineering. It can perform simulations in tidal currents, wind-driven currents; coriolis induced currents, simulating the currents in large scale environments (oceans), wave generated currents, large and small scale wave generation and wave propagation simulations, coastal morphology, sediment transportation and finally tidal analysis and tidal parameters extraction.



Model Abilities

PMODynamics is a 2D numerical model, simulating hydrodynamics, spectral waves and sediment transport.
2D Nested Structured and Unstructured Grid
Cartesian and Spherical Coordination
Bed Friction, Turbulence, Flood/Drying, Wave, Wind, Coriolis
Spectral Waves
Nested Structured and Unstructured Grid
Cartesian and Spherical Coordination
Wave Propagation, Refraction and Shoaling, Current, Wind Wave Generation, White Capping, Wave Breaking, Bottom Friction, Wave-Wave Interactions
Non-Cohesive Sediment Transport
Current and Wave Effect on Sediment
Fractions of Bed Material, Morphology Modeling
Equilibrium and Non-Equilibrium
User Interface
CAD Style Domain Modelling
Robust Structured & Unstructured Mesh Generator
Data Organization
Comprehensive Control of Parameters and Computational Engines
Integrated Visualization

The public version of PMODynamics can be downloaded by the users after logging in the site . All users may receive the setup file after logging in. The only limitation in this public version is that the users cannot define temporal-spatial data as input to the model.
Users may apply to get the professional version; by sending a request to PMO (Ports & Maritime Organization) within the site. After confirmation by the PMO, a license file will be sent to the users.
Moreover, users can ask their questions through this site and the supporting team will answer them through the forum. During the use of this model, if any errors occurred, users may inform to the providers by the ticket system to be resolved in the next version.
 users may read the news about the PMODynamics software through the News page and for more information, they could go to the Help page and download the file