Thursday Aug 11, 2022


The development of the second-version of the Iranian PMODynamicsII ocean model

Further employing of Iranian PMODynamics model for ocean dynamics modeling is always one of the PMO Organization’s main concerns. Hence, PMODynamics second version development is on the agenda of PMO that its improvement is now in the final stages of processing.

The main objectives of PMODynamicsII development is to enable a third-party developer to easily add new features, which extend and improve the application of  the model. So, the software has been rewritten and designed in such a way that its capabilities can be extendable by new plug-ins provided by users.

It is remarkable that some plug-ins themselves can serve other plug-ins to extend their functionality. Hence, common tasks of several plug-ins can be integrated into one single plug-in. Furthermore, it would be very beneficial to utilize “WPF” instead of “Windows Forms” technology, which considered to use in PMODynamicsII improvements.

Accordingly, the implementation of PMODynamicsII model as a host application has been completed as well as two other programs which help producing and managing the plug-ins. In addition, coordinate system and database plug-ins have also been written and added to the software, which are called by others plug-ins.

The database plug-in store data in NetCDF format file to save massive data that utilized by many centers such as NASA. Also, plug-ins related to time series and one dimensional data analyzing have been developed, as well as mesh generation plug-in, which shape a robust basement for other plug-ins to carry out their tasks.

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