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The second version of PMODynamics software is now available on site

The Ports and Maritime Organization, known as reference authority for sea and coastal affairs, decided to develop Persian Model for Ocean Dynamics (PMODynamics) software by the help of professional groups of interior professors with the aim of removing marine engineers, researchers and scientists dependencies from similar foreign software, and monitoring and studying of country’s coastlines, sea states and parameters by Iranian numerical model, as well.

The development of this software has begun since 2006, and its first version had officially unveiled and introduced to the marine engineering society, as one of the achievements of the country in marine field, by that time Minister of Transport and Transportation in the fringe opening of the ICOPMAS 2010 International Conference.

This software has a wide variety of applications in the offshore/ocean engineering and coastal engineering issues, including:

  • Simulation of tidal currents, wind-driven currents and Coriolis effect,

  • Modelling of wave induced current, wave generation and transition,

  • Coastal sediment processes and morphological modeling,

  • Tidal analysis and extracting of tide constituents.

Based on feedback received from users, the PMO decided to upgrade the model by rewriting its user interface and engine codes and adding features to the numerical model, as well, which resulted in the development of the second version of the software.

PMODyanmicsII main innovation is the implementation of pluggable modules, which allowing the program to upgrade independently via extending the plug-ins and rewriting the previous plug-ins by third-parties, without changing the base code. Also, second version of the software has user-friendly design, while at the same time can meet the need of users, it is simple and understandable for all users to achieve their intended purpose with the utmost convenience and least time.

PMODynamicsII package contains all necessary tools, such as files Analyzer and Manager, Interpolating and Units Converter plugins, which make it as a self-contained system and independent from other software applications. However, the Converter plugin allows users to convert files provided by the DHI MIKE21 sea engineering software and the WRF Meteorological model into PMODynamicsII formats. In addition, users easily are able to convert PMODynamics files from first version to second version.

The mentioned capabilities in the current version of PMODyanmics have made it one of the most advanced software for the two-dimensional modeling of hydrodynamics, waves and sediment dynamics, and a special tidal analysis tools that can be used in important and commercial projects.

Interested in receiving of the second version of PMODynamics software and obtaining more information about its features visit:

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